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Important Places Near Tadoba National Park

Tadob-Andhari Tiger Reserve comprises of Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife Sanctuary. The most important place to visit at Tadoba is the wildlife sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuary comprises of a variety of flora and fauna which provides an opportunity to the visitors to see and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Tadoba is rich in natural beauty,and the presence of Tadoba lake makes it much more beautiful. As such, you will not find any place here to visit inside the reserve area of the Park. But, as Chadrapur is the nearby city which is just 45 km away from the park, you will find places which may amuse you such as Junona Development Sceme,various Tourist places among Bhadrawati a nearby city of Chandrapur.

Junona Development Sceme is just 15 kms away from Chandrapur Town. This spot has facilities such as boating,restaurants,parks and well developed gardens.
Bhadravati is the nearby city of Chandrapur where, there are many places which one can visit such as
Bhadravati Temple: The ancient temple which is situated at the heart of the city. Devotees keep on thronging the temple throughout the year.

Jain Temple is very popular with the local communities. It has a very beautiful sculpture. There are many Idols in the temples which were recovered in digging the earth.

Vijasan Hills is the place where you will find several Buddha Temples which are very attractive.

You can also treks up the slope to the small hill of Jamunbudi,the walks through the forest can be really amusing for any tourist.
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