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Tadoba Wildlife Guide

Tadoba is the oldest National Park of Maharashtra State. It is a treasure trove of some of the most amazing flora and fauna. Tadoba National Park is the heaven for all the nature as well as animal lovers.

Tadoba has covered an extensive area of 625 kms which is situated at the midst of the reserved forest.
You can refer it as the museum with splendid wild life and it's a proven heaven for wild life enthusiasts.
Tigers and Panthers are the major carnivores in the park which feed on the herbivores.

The greatest attraction of the Tadoba National Park is undisputedly the Majestic tiger. It continues to enamor tourist of all age. Sambar is the most preferred food of the Tiger and Chital comes second in preference. Wild boars and Gaurs are also hunted by the tiger. Panthors are other major carnivore, which hunt common langur,female chital,sambar fawns,wild boars etc. You can also sight the Indian pangolin,which is now considered as an endangered species. You may get the chance to watch the elusive Barking deer which you can spot in herds.
The animals which can be sighted very commonly are Herds of Chitals,Sambars,Chausingas, Neel Gais, Sloth Bears, Indian Bisons, Wild Dogs, Wild Boars and Leopards. You may also get the opportunity to see Gaur,Hyenas,Civet,Jungle Cats and several other rare species of animals. As the night falls, the Small Indian Civet,the Palm Civet,the Ratel,the Flying squirrel make their presence felt. The Lake attracts many water birds like Cattle Egrets, Purple Moorhens and Jacanas.

The Park is like an Ornithologist's paradise with a varied diversity of Migratory birds and Water birds. Python,Bengal monitor Lizard and Crocodiles are other inhabitants of the Park.
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